Note: 1) The HESI Exam will no longer be required for The Nursing Program's admissions purposes, however, it is still a requirement of The Physical Therapy Assistant Program's admissions purposes, and
2) the ATI TEAS Assessment will not be required for the Fall 2023 cohort admissions session.

Health Science Testing

Plan Your Pre-Admission Exam

Begin planning for your admission exam(s) as soon as possible. Nursing Programs require prospective students to take the TEAS Exam, while many (not all) Allied Health and Health Professionals Programs require prospective students to take the HESI Exam. For best results, do these steps in the order they are listed.

  1. Meet with your Program Academic Advisor to make sure you are signing up for the correct exam(s).
  2. Schedule and pay for your exam(s) at least three days in advance in RegisterBlast.
    Schedule Exam via RegisterBlast
    1. It is best to use your Bruin email if you have one.
    2. RegisterBlast will have the current exam prices.
      1. As a SLCC student a nursing exam scheduled on RegisterBlast it will cost $110.00 currently (subject to change).
      2. If you sign up for an exam on ATI’s website, it will cost $115.00 currently (subject to change) and you will not be able to re-schedule exam.
    3. Select “Health Science Pre-Admission” and follow prompts.
    4. Pay for the exam by credit card.
    5. Exams must be used within six months of the original date of purchase.
  3. Create an ATI (TEAS) or an Evolve (HESI) account AFTER scheduling your exam via RegisterBlast. DO NOT schedule or pay for an exam on either of these sites.
    1. Create an ATI Account
    2. Create an Evolve Account
  4. Review Testing Services – Testing Center Policies.
  5. Exams are administered at the Jordan Testing Center.
    1. Questions about scheduling or taking the exam call the Jordan Testing Center at 801-957-6220 or email
  6. Bring the following on the day of the exam:
    1. The name on your Government ID card must match the name used to register for the exam(s) and the name on the ATI and/or Evolve account(s).
    2. Your ATI or Evolve account username and password.

Canceling, retaking or rescheduling an exam


  • If you cancel a HESI Exam or a TEAS Exam; exam fees will be refunded (less a $25.00 cancellation fee).

Retaking Exam

  • If you wish to re-take an exam to improve your score, it is necessary to schedule and purchase a new exam for the full price.


  • If you have taken an exam, you may not reschedule it. It has been used.
  • You may reschedule an exam that has not been used. There is a $25.00 rescheduling fee which is not refundable.
  • The process of rescheduling a HESI Exam or a TEAS Exam has changed. Do not attempt to use the old scheduling system to reschedule an exam.
  • To reschedule a valid the HESI Exam or the TEAS Exam, it is necessary that you call the Jordan Testing Center at 801-957-6220 for instructions and access codes.

Testing services - Testing Center Policies

Prior to your scheduled exam, please review the Testing Services Policies.