Mentor Program

All Honors Program students will be assigned a Faculty/Staff and Peer Honors Mentor. Mentors will serve as an additional contact person that students can reach out to for guidance and assistance in navigating higher education. As an Honors Program Mentor, they will share their expertise and offer guidance and support. 

Here are some opportunities/ideas students can ask their mentor to assist with (but are not limited to):

  • Scholarly research, research conference presentation or paper – mentors can assist students in the development of their research if it is within their discipline/interdisciplinary with their work (or they can refer the student to another faculty/staff member through their connections). They can help students develop a proposal, make suggestions on relevant literature, and advise/edit work.
  • Providing a Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships and Admissions/Job Reference/Reference for Housing – Students must have developed a strong mentor relationship in which their mentor is comfortable speaking on the student’s academic, work ethic, or leadership ability and potential. 
  • High-Impact Practice (HIP) opportunities – Students can ask their mentor if they know/or suggest any Internship, Research Assistantship, Service-Learning, Study Abroad, Writing-Intensive, Publication opportunities that they can get involved in. 
  • Ask for suggestions on other ways to be more involved at SLCC: student organizations, events, lectures, leadership.