Important: It is strongly recommended that students enroll as a full-time student each semester throughout the program. The program should be completed in six semesters, which includes summer semesters.

University of Utah Honors College (UUHC) Transfer Criteria

Students transferring to the University of Utah to complete a bachelor’s degree can transfer into the UUHC as an honors student.

Please note the following transfer criteria between the UUHC and SLCC:

  1. Admission to the University of Utah Honors College is contingent upon acceptance to the University of Utah as a bachelor’s degree seeking student.
  2. SLCC students transferring to the UUHC must complete the following Honors Criteria:
    • Complete an AA/AS degree from SLCC.
    • Graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.5.
    • Engage in 3 formal High-Impact Practices (HIPs). One will be strong ePortfolio. For the second and third, students can choose from the following: Undergraduate Research, Study Abroad, Domestic Study, Service-Learning, Internship, Publication, Writing Intensive, Common Intellectual Experience, or another HIP that meets with the approval of SLCC’s Honors Program.
    • Successfully pass all Honors Courses (9 credits): HON 2010, HON 2020, HON 2030, HON 2100, and HON 2211.
    • Participate in 2 Enrichment Experiences per semester and write descriptive/reflective entries about them in their ePortfolio.