Drop, Withdraw, or Audit a Class

Students may drop classes through the MySLCC portal within the designated drop period. When a class is dropped, students receive a refund or an adjustment to tuition. The class does not show on the transcript.


Students may withdraw from classes after the drop period through the MySLCC portal within the designated withdrawn period. When a class is withdrawn, a “W” is recorded on the transcript. The GPA is not affected, but attempted hours are affected. There is no refund or adjustment to tuition.

Auditing a course allows a student to take a class without the benefit of a grade or credit for a course. A student who audits a course does so for the purposes of self-enrichment and academic exploration.

Tuition and fees will be assessed at the same rate for audited classes as those taken for credit. Students are not required to attend class or take exams in audited courses. Audits appear as an AU on transcripts and do not count toward your GPA. Financial aid and veterans' benefits are not available for audited classes.

You should declare your intent to audit a course when you register and space must be available in the class.  Students taking the course for credit have priority to class seats.

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1. Select Current Schedule at the top. (Note: The number next to current schedule shows how many courses you are currently registered for. If there is a 0, it means you are not registered for any courses.)

2. Click Edit or Drop Classes

3. Use the drop-down options, to the right of the course, and select the action you would like to make. Then click Save.