There are two ways for you to order your transcript, online or in person.  For more information on both of these options, visit SLCC Trancripts.
In order to see the holds on your account you can visit MySLCC.  Click on the Academic & Records tab and on the left menu choose View Holds.
No.  It is the student’s responsibility to drop their classes.  If you have questions, please contact Academic Advising for help.

Yes you do. After the Drop period ends, it is considered the Withdraw period. (Review semester drop/withdraw dates on the academic calendar. During the withdraw period, you are required to pay for the course. There are no refunds or adjustments made. For more details on this policy see the Drop or Withdraw Class page).

To reset your password you would go the MySLCC page and click Reset Password.  Fill out the password change information and you will be given the option to change your password.  You will need your S Number and the last four digits of your Social Security number in order to reset your password.
The easiest way to find your username is to look at your bruin email.  The first part of your bruinmail email address is your username.  (Example: if your email is then your username is teststudent7)
The easiest way to find your S Number is to request it through your MySLCC.  On the main login screen under the sign in area there is a link that says Retrieve Your Student Number.  Click on this link and fill out the request.  You will need the last four digits of your Social Security number in order to submit the request.
To appeal, complete the Registration Appeal Form and include a personal written statement along with appropriate supportive documentation. Continuing students must also meet with an academic advisor to obtain a signature to attach to their appeal. Registration Appeals submitted without merit or supporting documentation will be denied.  For more information, visit Registration Appeals.