Drop or Withdraw Class


Students may drop classes through the MySLCC portal within the designated drop period. When a class is dropped, students receive a refund or an adjustment to tuition. The class does not show on the transcript. It is the responsibility of the student to drop their classes that they do not attend. In some cases, students may be dropped if they do not attend class, but this is not guaranteed.


Students may withdraw from classes after the drop period through the MySLCC portal within the designated withdrawn period. When a class is withdrawn, a “W” is recorded on the transcript. The GPA is not affected, but attempted hours are affected. There is no refund or adjustment to tuition.

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1. Log into your MySLCC page and click the hamburger button in the right-hand corner. Click the Discover search button.

2. Search for the Register For Classes card (You can bookmark it by clicking the little icon in the right-hand corner)

3. Click Banner Registration

4. Click Register Here

5. From the dropdown menu, select a semester and click Continue

6. Click Add/Drop Classes

7. Select a semester, again, and click Continue

8. The Register for Classes page appears. Look for the class schedule summary on the bottom right-hand side of the page

9. On the class schedule summary, find the class that you want to drop. Under action, click the dropdown menu and select Drop/Web to drop a class, or Withdrawl/Web to withdraw from a class. (You will be given one option or the either, not both. The drop deadline comes before the withdraw deadline.) Click Submit

10. Under Status, the course will appear as Deleted if dropped, and Withdrawan if withdrawn. (You will not be given both options. The drop deadline comes before the withdraw deadline.) You have successfully dropped/withdrawn from your course