Contract Review


All contracts (any legal document(s) that create(s) obligations or liability on the part of the College), regardless of the amount of the financial commitment, must be reviewed by the Legal and Risk offices before they may be executed. Contracts that exceed the small dollar purchase threshold must be reviewed by the Purchasing Office.

  • Agreements
  • Contracts
    • New Contracts
    • Being renewed that have not previously been reviewed
    • Being renewed with changes to the terms and conditions
    • MOUs
  • Internal Forms (official – new or revised)
  • Templates (new or revised)


Step 1: Originator obtains a Contract Routing Sheet and, whenever possible, a Standard Contract Template should be used. Using one of our contract templates (listed below) will speed up the review process.

Standard Contract Templates 

To protect Personal Identification Information (PII), the contract templates have been modified to not include SSN/EIN information. The new template has a field for the contractor’s S number. You can search for an S number in SLCCBuy, see How to Find an S Number in SLCCBuy. If the vendor does not have an S number, please complete the New Vendor Request Form in SLCCBuy. Departments may provide the contractor with the New Vendor Packet and attach the completed document to the New Vendor Request Form.
  • Affiliation Agreements - medical programs with clinical or internships sites
  • Independent Contractor - (PDF | Word)
  • Entertainment/Workshop - entertainers, performers and workshop presenters - (PDF | Word)
  • Goods and Services - purchase of goods and services (excluding entertainment/workshops) - (PDF | Word)
  • Grand Theatre Actors/Musicians - (PDF | Word)
  • VAD Art Models - (PDF | Word)

Step 2: Fill out the top portion of the Contract Routing Sheet and forward it, along with an editable electronic copy of all contract documents (contract plus any attachments, exhibits, etc.), to your VP or the Provost. If you report to the Provost, please email the routing sheet and contract documents to Jonathan Hair.

Step 3: The VP or Provost demonstrates his/her authorization to review the contract by forwarding the email containing editable electronic copies of the Contract Routing Sheet and the contract document(s) to
*Please note: The review process will not be initiated until all documents have been received.

Step 4: Contracts are reviewed on a first-in-first-out basis. Once the review takes place, comments will be emailed to the person listed as the contact person, or originator. The SLCC legal staff will work with the originator and the vendor/contractor to negotiate any revisions that may be necessary.

Step 5: When the Legal/Risk review is complete, the Contract Coordinator will set up the contract and routing sheet for signatures in Adobe Sign.

Step 6: The originator and the contractor will receive a copy of the fully executed contract.