Contract Review

What Documents Must be Reviewed?

All contracts (any legal document(s) that create(s) obligations or liability on the part of the College), regardless of the amount of the financial commitment, must be reviewed by the Legal and Risk offices before they may be executed. Contracts that exceed the small dollar purchase threshold must be reviewed by the Purchasing Office.

  • Agreements
  • Contracts
    • new
    • being renewed that have not previously been reviewed
    • being renewed with changes to the terms and conditions
    • Forms (official – new or revised)
    • MOU’s
    • Templates (new or revised)

How Does the Process Work?

SLCC Contract Routing Flowchart

Obtain a Contract Review Checklist, Contract Routing Sheet - Fillable* or Contract Routing Sheet - Word* and whenever possible a Standard Contract Template using a standard contract template will speed up the review process: Risk Management Forms page

Standard Contract Templates

  • Affiliation Agreement** - Health Science and SAT medical programs with clinical or internship sites - pdf | word
  • Independent Contractor - pdf | word
  • Entertainment/Workshop - entertainers, performers, and workshop presenters - pdf | word
  • Goods and Services - purchase of goods and services (excluding entertainment/workshops) - pdf | word
  • Grand Theatre Actors/Musicians - pdf | word
  • Summer Spirit Band - pdf | word
  • VAD Art Models - pdf | word

Fill out the first section of the Contract Routing Sheet*** and forward it, along with an electronic (editable) copy of the contract documents (contract plus any attachments, exhibits, etc.) to your VP or Provost (if you report to the Provost, please send the Contract Routing Sheet and contract documents to Jonathan Hair) for their authorization for procurement (if applicable)/legal/risk to begin the review process.

The VP or Provost demonstrates his/her authorization to review the contract by forwarding the email containing electronic (editable) copies of the Contract Routing Sheet and the contract document(s) to The review process will not be initiated until all documents have been received.

Contracts are normally reviewed on a first-in-first-out basis. The contract review team meets twice per week.

Once the review takes place, comments will be emailed to the person listed as the contact person:

  • If revisions are needed, the contact person will receive an email from Legal/Risk with recommendations. Legal and Risk will sign the Contract Routing Sheet once the contract is complete and approved by all parties.
  • If no revisions are needed, then Legal and Risk will sign the Contract Routing Sheet. The Contract Routing Sheet will be scanned and returned to the contact person via email within one business day of the completion of the review.

The contact person is responsible to follow through with the contract documents by:

  1. Making the changes recommended by legal/risk, including working with legal/risk if the contractor wishes to make additional changes
  2. Verifying that recommendations have been followed by signing and dating the Contract Routing Sheet
  3. Obtaining final approval of the VP/Provost for the reviewed contract (evidenced by the VP/Provost signature on the Contract Routing Sheet)
  4. Obtaining authorized signatures to execute the contract
  5. View a master list of authorized signers and their general areas of contractual responsibilities.

Once the contract has been executed, send a PDF version of the completed Contract Routing Sheet and of the executed document(s) to for inclusion in the College Master Contract File.

*The Contract Routing Sheet must accompany contract documents before the contract review process is initiated.
**If using the Standard Template for the Affiliation Agreement, a Contract Routing Sheet is not required.
***Use the name of the contract identified on the Contract Routing Sheet as the subject line for all email correspondence.