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Student Clubs Room Reservations

Salt Lake Community College offers multiple spaces across its campuses that can be reserved for student groups to host meetings and events, which are managed by multiple roles across the college. Requesting spaces may require more information than anticipated. Thayne Center supports student-led initiatives by providing guidance, assisting with request submission, and clarifying this process for student clubs. For assistance from Thayne Center, room reservation requests should be submitted at least seven (7) business days in advance for timely processing.

Step 1: Prepare and submit the Room Reservation form.

  1. Prepare a drawing of the space and the setup, including any tables, chairs, podium, and presentation area in relation to the front of the room.
    1. You will need to upload this document in the form.
    2. Example:
      Insert image here
  2. Date, time, and recurrence if applicable.
    1. Include setup and tear down/clean up time
    2. After-hours or weekend reservations may incur costs. Scheduling event staff will notify you if this affects your request.
  3. Calculate the number of anticipated attendees.
  4. Determine if you will have food in this space. Keep in mind there are college-wide policies pertaining to food and catering.
  5. If this is a tabling event, identify what campus, building, and entrance you would like to be nearby. A map or drawing is beneficial in preparing these setup requests.

Step 2:  Please watch your email for communication from the scheduling events team from outside the Thayne Center. These staff members will reach out if they need more information to complete your request or let you know what they can do to accommodate your event.  

Step 3:  You and your advisor will receive a confirmation email from a scheduling event team member once the space is reserved. Scheduling event team members vary across campuses and buildings.

Step 4:  Please cancel any requests as soon as possible if you know they are not taking place. Fees may be assessed if additional costs are incurred for unattended events. The Facilities Use Policy,, lists factors that may result in a fee. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  1. An admission fee is charged for an event
  2. The event requires special custodial services, equipment, or support services
  3. The event is scheduled beyond normal operating hours for the particular college facility; or
  4. Any other circumstances where the use imposes additional costs on the college.

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