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What is a Guest Student?

Guest Students are defined as a student who is enrolled and completing a degree or certificate requirement at another college or university (primary Institution) and wishes to attend SLCC with the intention of transferring earned SLCC credits to their primary institution.

If you have no previous college credit and are not currently a full-time student at another institution you do not qualify for the Guest Student program.

By signing the Guest Student form, you are agreeing to waive the prerequisite requirement and will take full responsibility for meeting any all expectations for completing the course(s) in which you are requesting overrides for. You also agree that you will not be eligible for any and/or all appeals or exceptions that are offered by SLCC.

Before applying to SLCC as a Guest Student, please read the following:

SLCC does not guarantee the transferability of courses to your home institution. Please talk with an advisor at your institution to make sure you are taking courses that will transfer.

It is important that you are aware of the prerequisites for every SLCC course that you are planning to register for. Having the knowledge necessary to succeed in your course(s) is assured by completing prerequisites. Please check the college catalog to review the prerequisites for each course.

Deadlines: Guest students are required to submit both the admissions application and the Guest Student Form (required each semester) but the admissions deadline for the semester they wish to attend classes at SLCC. Please see the Student Student Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines.

  • Guest students are exempt from completing new student Orientation but may do so if they choose.
  • Guest students are classified as non-degree seeking students and are ineligible to receive financial aid or veterans’ benefits at SLCC.
  • Individuals who apply and receive Guest Student status are exempt from placement testing before registration.
  • Guest Students are limited to 16 credits (cumulative) as a Guest Student. After registering for 16 credits (cumulative), students are no longer considered a Guest Student and must follow standard admissions and Transfer Evaluation processes and procedures.
  • Guest students at SLCC pay regular SLCC College Tuition and fees as determined by their residency status.
  • Once the override is recorded on the student record, students are then responsible for registering for the class(es) through MySLCC.
  • ALL students, including Guest Students, must meet all the deadlines as listed on the SLCC Student Academic Calendar.

How to apply as a Guest Student?


The admission and prerequisite override process take approximately 3 to 4 business days. During peak registration periods, processing may take longer.

  • Step 1:The prospective Guest Student should apply as a regular student and select the "Guest Student" type on the application, which will automatically consider them as a non-degree-seeking student.
  • Step 2:The prospective Guest Student should then submit the Guest Registration form and list the class (or classes) they want to take at SLCC. Please note that you must complete the Guest Student Registration form for each semester you intend to take classes at SLCC.

Log into MySLCC and go to the Guest Student Registration Form

How do I know when I can register?

You will be notified when your Guest Student overrides have been issued using your bruin email.