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The Office of Admissions represents Salt Lake Community College in all aspects of recruitment of future students who are considering making Salt Lake Community College their college of choice!

The Office provides information to future students, high school counselors and guardians/parents in an effort to help them learn about the academic programs and opportunities that await them here at Salt Lake Community College.

We host events such as early college outreach activities, college awareness events and open house activities.

Getting Started

Our application is done entirely online. Please check our academic calendar to meet deadlines for the semester you want to apply for. If you do not attend classes in the semester of your application, or if you stop attending classes for a period of three semesters or longer, you will need to submit a free Admissions Application Update.

Create your MySLCC account

  1. Find your MySLCC username by checking the email address you used for your application. Or, enter that email address in our online username retrieval tool.
  2. If you have your MySLCC username, you can set up your password. Follow these password set-up instructions—you’ll find the log-in link at the bottom—or follow the prompts beneath the MySLCC log-in box.
  3. Log in. Now, see the “Semester Checklist” card? View your checklist to see what else you need to get started.

Check to see if the SLCC placement process will be part of your registration. The results will be used to place you in your English and Math courses. Your ACT/SAT scores may also be used instead. The placement is available to take daily and is free your first time.

In the new student orientation, you will receive helpful information regarding major and career exploration as well as what it takes to be a successful college student.

To register login onto MySLCC and on your home screen look for the “Semester Checklist” card, once you click on “View Your Checklist” there will ben an option to register.

Check the academic calendar for registration dates and deadlines.

  • Log into MySLCC and on your home screen find the card labeled “Register for Classes
  • Choose the College Scheduler Registration Tool or the Banner Registration Tool
  • Select "Add/Drop" classes
  • Select the semester and click submit
  • Once you have chosen the section of the class you want to take, click the Add button

Check out the Registration Tutorials for more information or call 801-957-4298 with questions.

Admission Application Update

Note: The application works best on Chrome or Firefox internet browsers.

Check the "Semester Checklist" card on your MySLCC home page to make sure you are on track.

SLCC has many different advisors to support your academic journey such as:

  • Financial Aid - Assists in students completing the FAFSA and other financial assistance. Resources can be found under the “Financial Aid” card on your home screen on MySLCC.
  • One Card - Available at ID center at any main campus.
  • Parking Pass - Can be purchased online. Use the search bar in MySLCC to find the “Parking Services” card to access the portal login to purchase a permit or pay citations.
  • Bookstore - Search “Bookstore” on MySLCC, here it will allow you to find course materials.

If it’s been longer than a year since you filled out your application, contact our office at 801-957-4485 so we can reactivate your account. If it’s been within a year and you need to reset your password, please click the “FORGOT PASSWORD” button.